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San-nin no Renkinjutsushi
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San-nin no Renkinjutsushi
..::The Three Alchemists::..

San-nin no Renkinjutsushi is a goofball little idea of three friends who are all fans of FMA. It was all started by luckycat_r. The story (or lack there-of) follows three characters... us, in FMA-world, through our random rampages of chaos.

This comic has absolutely no update schedule at the moment. New comics debut as soon as they have finished being colored.

The Characters

Marin O'Riley

Shimo no Renkinjutsushi
The Frost Alchemist

Catie Storm

Inazuma no Renkinjutsushi
The Lightning Alchemist

Kirin Krueger

Ryuu no Renkinjutsuhi
The Draconic Alchemist
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